Best posts:

Reversals in psychology

A list of exaggerated psychological phenomena

Existential risk as common cause

Why many different worldviews should prioritise reducing existential risk.

Hardening the browser

Passable browser security for almost no money or effort.

Disambiguating the first computer

Tiny app for defining "computer" and selecting between first computers.

Why I'm not a philosopher

Philosophy's functions and benefits, and why they aren't real (?)

New posts:

AI alignment & academia

Estimating AI safety work by academics working in adjacent areas.

Crossing the ocean of my ignorance

How can we think new things when everything's so complicated?

Self-help, hard and soft

Four types of trying to be better.

AI ethics for present & future

Two trends among academics looking at impacts of artificial intelligence.

Blogging is dead, long live sites

Trying to write anything more than ephemeral noise on the internet.

Robots, Games, Life, Markets

Understanding game theory, reinforcement learning,
evolutionary dynamics, & economic calculation, with each other.

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