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Existential risk as common cause

Why many different worldviews should prioritise reducing existential risk.

Hardening the browser

Passable browser security for almost no money or effort. Updated March '19.

Preventing Side-effects in Gridworlds

Work from the Gridworld team at AI Safety Camp Gran Canaria.

Why is quality rare?

Why in general is it harder to do things well than badly?

Disambiguating the first computer

Tiny app for defining "computer" and selecting between first computers.

Why I'm not a philosopher

Philosophy's functions and benefits, and why they aren't real (?)

New posts:

Insurance isn't necessarily a scam

Two arguments against consuming insurance, and where they fail.

Bad introspections

Some species of paying attention to yourself and how they fail.

Consent as conclusive evidence

Dissolving a thought-experiment about consequentialism.

On inhabiting a giant corporation

Miscellaneous notes on working in tech in eC21st London.

Yoga hypothesis dump

List of possible reasons yoga feels good.

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