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January 2023
'Disco Elysium' (2019): Part 1
Messy thoughts on the best work of political fiction of recent decades
April 2022
The philosopher's philosopher, the economist's economist, ...
March 2022
Comparing experts and generalists
Literature review - who gives more accurate forecasts?
March 2021
Why worry about future AI?
Concrete reasons it might do extreme things.
April 2020
Robots, Games, Life, Markets
Understanding game theory, reinforcement learning,
evolutionary dynamics, & economic calculation, with each other.

January 2020
Reversals in psychology
A list of exaggerated psychological phenomena
August 2019
Consent as conclusive evidence
Dissolving a thought-experiment about consequentialism.
October 2018
Existential risk as common cause
Why many views should prioritise preventing the worst events.
September 2018
Hardening the browser
Passable browser security for almost no money or effort.
August 2017
Disambiguating the first computer
Tiny app for defining "computer" and selecting between first computers.
August 2017
Why I'm not a philosopher
Philosophy's functions & benefits, and why they aren't real(?)
October 2016
The Worst Game Ever
A true story about model error, noisy decisions, and the birth of tragedy.
March 2015
Why is quality rare?
Why in general is it harder to do things well than badly?
July 2014
Comparing up and down
Choosing your reference class for happiness or growth.
October 2010
'Have One on Me' by Joanna Newsom
Reading the best album of the last 20 years.
September 2010
Punk as ideology
Serious or ironic? Political or aesthetic? Yay or boo?

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