Change my mind

I offer bounties for errors:

  • $1 for nitpicks (ambiguities, misreadings, exceptions, technicalities).
  • $10 for an error which falsifies a sentence.
  • $50 for an error which invalidates a post.


Page Error Person Payout
About Was unclear about the required size of error for a bounty, leading to a prima facie contradiction. Loki Sempere $10 to EA Funds
/psych Overstated the consensus against Milgram. It's still shaky, and not really about obedience, but it's wrong to say there's no evidence, just that the original experiments were terrible. Matt Edwards $5
/gists I said "constant time" instead of "constant time complexity". The function in question takes 3x more time to process 2^64 than it does 2^0, hence the intermediate payout between nitpick and falsehood. Loki Sempere $5


Bet Bettor Odds Resolution
Jun 2022: Everything Everywhere All at Once to win no Oscars besides Visual Editing. (0-1 Oscars overall) CR 1:1, nice dinner To CR!
July 2021: Abaluck RCT shows >15% reduction in covid transmission. MH 1:1, $100 to Givewell To me.
June 2020: Biden wins election. CR 1:1. Nice restaurant dinner. To me.
Jan 2016: Trump finishes term. CR 1:1. Nice bottle of whisky. To me.

Small print

I suppose this should all be multiplied by the confidence level of the post. Factual and logical errors are most likely to resolve cleanly; I probably won't cough up if you just tell me I'm an idiot for believing or not believing in e.g. Meinongianism. That would get a smile.

I'm not sure how to handle claims that have changed truth-value since I made them; half of this blog might be false if you return in 30 years. Leaning towards $1 to $5.