• Terra Ignota. The most exciting - and daft! - science fiction I have read in a decade. The only good depiction of longtermism.
  • The Elephant in the Brain.
  • Lost in Math. The German title is much, much better: ‘The Ugly Universe’ or ‘The Hateful Universe’.
  • Factfulness.
  • The Patrick Melrose Novels.
  • Step Aside, Pops!
  • Dril Official “Mr Ten Years” Collection. Distillate of Twitter and Reddit and 4chan, revealing the mess inside.
  • Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. I won’t say that it is to True Crime what The Wire was to cop procedural tv, but.
  • Blindsight. Stunningly cynical.
  • The Earthsea Quartet. Notionally for children, but rich enough for everyone else.
  • Shadow of the Torturer. Read this as a teen and completely missed what’s great about it, the symbolism, the glum glimmers.

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Films / TV

  • The Shape of Water. A total triumph: romance without words, without physical beauty.
  • Blade Runner 2049. My friend insists that this has a disgusting bioconservative / pro-life message but I disagree.
  • Isle of Dogs.
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Nasty but undogmatic about it.
  • L’avventura. I saw this in 2010 and was too immature to appreciate it. It is slow, slow as a motherfucker, but the performances make it sing.
  • Hateful Eight. First time I’ve really laughed at a Tarantino film since Kill Bill. And he is best as a comic.
  • Upgrade. An actually new kind of action choreography. Transfixing.
  • Better Call Saul. Much cleverer spin-off, relying less on spectacle.
  • My mate James on University Challenge.
  • Adventure Time. Sniff.


I don’t really listen to albums anymore.

  • I Bet my Belief
  • Open Eye Signal
  • Shelved
  • Knockando
  • francis forever
  • A Star is Bored
  • Hymn of the Cherubim
  • Angel of the Morning
  • No Need to Argue