This year I decided to get into dancing. I actually got into kayaking, gelato, Haskell. I theorised country music. <– vinegar –>

This year I quit daily nicotine to cycle it weekly. Zyban works!


  • Helped rewrite the AI alignment wiki page.
  • Clinical trial location scouting.
  • Scoring Isaac Asimov on his futurism
  • Proposal about developmental neuroscience and AI.
  • Proposal about backfiring AI safety
  • Off Road launch and handover.
  • Emergency research teams: writing and executive search.
  • Running an ESPR camp.
  • Judging the EA Criticisms Contest.


  • I learned Haskell until comfortable (did Euler). for loops are now hopelessly ugly.


  • Epstein-Barr as principal cause of multiple sclerosis
  • Immune therapy for MS



  • When We Cease to Understand the World
  • The Chemistry Book
  • Frank Ramsey
  • Xenocide
  • The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
  • The Borders of Infinity (short) by Lois Bujold
  • Shards of Honor by Lois Bujold
  • Mirror Dance by Lois Bujold
  • Lord of Light by Zelazny

Worst book: Mathematics for Human Flourishing

Essays and sites

I Should Be Able To Mute America

  • Jan Kirchner: on scaling academia
  • Jan Kirchner: on not reading papers
  • metaismurder the charisma of leaders
  • harold lee buy things
  • How the world works Lewis-Kraus on Will

What took so long?” the Sapient Paradox is the prehistoric analog of the Fermi Paradox. Instead of: “Why are we alone in the universe?” the Sapient Paradox asks: “Why were we trapped in prehistory?” And just as the Fermi Paradox implies a Great Filter, the Sapient Paradox implies a Great Trap, a trap in which human society lived for, at minimum, 50,000 years, and, at maximum, something like 200,000 years or even more. Depending on your politics, the Great Trap might be an oppressive patriarchy, or perhaps a decadent matriarchy, or a lazy commune, etc (e.g., Steven Pinker, in The Better Angels of Our Nature, discusses a “Hobbesian trap” of mutual warfare between tribes—although he does not connect this to the Sapient Paradox).

I hope so much this is wrong

I was moved to tears by Stewart Brand, John Bull,




  • deWitt, Sexual Codes
  • Labatut, Prussian Blue


Thomas Lux

Films / TV

  • The Lighthouse



  • Inscryption
  • Star Traders


  • Click Click (2006) by Freschard


  • Tonight by Sibylle Baier
  • Jack of Fools by Spencer Cullum
  • Phobia by Nothing but Thieves
  • Pretty Girls by Coco Peila
  • Will Wood


  • Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 9th Gen (£60) ??????