Since I was a teen, I realised:

  • that books are large
  • that large parts of society are arbitrary
  • that language is arbitrary
  • that confidence in the young is either unthinking or a trick
  • that nihilism is arbitrary
  • that pure logic cannot tell us how the world is (but can say what it cannot be)
  • that bad is worse than good is good
  • that left and right is a small part of political space
  • that radicalism does very little
  • that conflict theory is self-fulfilling
  • that there is more to life than avoiding error
  • that much of what we call intelligence is mere legal intelligence, winning arguments
  • that art is tiny by comparison with the world
  • that most creativity is found outside art
  • that most acclaimed books are not very good
  • that principal components analysis works and is holy. that not everything reflects the subject’s ideology
  • that machines can spot patterns, socially critical and philosophically rich patterns
  • that bureaucracy serves itself first, wastes 90% of what it is given, and that government is bureaucracy
  • that you cannot be happy or productive unless you accept that you are not The Protagonist, above discomfort and boredom, more important than others
  • that corporations are not efficient at their own goal
  • that large parts of society are not arbitrary
  • that careers can be good, capital-g Good.
  • that work can be amazing, that work is the basis of most other goods
  • that efficiency is constructive laziness
  • that good on one axis is very often worth bad on another
  • that economic science is not objective
  • that economic science is not completely subjective
  • that most people’s goals lack one or more of importance, neglectedness, or tractability
  • that philosophy is a cage
  • that I need to become technical to do great things
  • that I need to become technical to do real philosophy
  • that most fields are quite methodologically shallow and this is how people can be polymaths
  • that AI is coming and all that is solid shall melt into air
  • that most science is not real science
  • that PhDs are not that hard cognitively
  • that running your own business is freedom
  • that tasks and goals are not metaphysical, can be quantised
  • that rationality is not about rationality
  • that most ideas have not been had, most projects have never been done


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