How Robust are Estimated Effects of Interventions against COVID-19? (2020), NeurIPS Spotlight paper, 4th author / 10.
The point, video
Safety Properties of Inductive Logic Programming (2020), AAAI SafeAI workshop,
1st author / 3.
The point, video, outtakes


Understanding... interventions in the resurgence of COVID-19 (2021), Nature Comms
4th author / 22.
The point, explainer
Changing SARS-CoV-2 lineages and the rise of Delta (2021), Lancet E-Clinical Medicine
16th author / 30.
The point, discussion
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8th author / 19.
The point, explainer, podcast, discussion, app, game


Mass mask-wearing notably reduces COVID-19 transmission (2021)
1st author / 13.
The point, explainer, blogpost, code, liveblogging, rebuttal.
Seasonal variation in SARS-CoV-2 transmission in temperate climates (2021)
3rd author / 8.
The point, explainer
Legally Grounded Fairness Objectives (2020),
2nd author / 3.
The point, blogpost


  • masks_v_mandates (2021): Probabilistic programming for epidemic modelling and effect estimation. End to end with data getters.
  • ProlexaPlus (2020): Bringing modern language modelling into Prolog for some reason.
  • Py2HTK (2017): Python wrapper for the Hidden Markov ToolKit.




Credit to James Walsh for the academic SVGs.