Parallel Reweighted Wake-Sleep
(2023), UAI oral
, the paper, video, code, poster
How robust are estimates of Covid policies?
(2020), NeurIPS Spotlight
, explainer, video, code


Mass mask-wearing may have reduced Covid transmission
(2022), PNAS
, explainer, blogpost, code, liveblogged, rebuttal.
Seasonal variation in Covid transmission
(2022), PLOS Computational Biology
, explainer, code
Dataset on Covid interventions
(2022), Nature Scientific Data
, the paper, explainer, data
Interventions against Covid, 2nd wave
(2021), Nature Comms
, the paper, explainer, code
Covid lineages and the rise of Delta
(2021), Lancet E-Clinical Medicine
, the paper, explainer, discussion, code
Government interventions against Covid
(2020), Science
, explainer, podcast, discussion, code, app, game


Replications and Reversals in the Social Sciences
(2021), AIMOS workshop
, video, professionalised, original
Safety Properties of Inductive Logic Programming
(2020), AAAI SafeAI workshop
, video, outtakes


Steering Language Models Without Optimisation
, blogpost, code
Decision trees compensate for misspecification
, code
Legally Grounded Fairness
, blogpost, code




Credit to James Walsh for the academic SVGs.