• Buckner (2013), ‘Morgan’s Canon, Meet Hume’s Dictum: Avoiding Anthropofabulation in Cross-Species Comparisons’


  • What Should We Be Worried About?
  • All of SMBC
  • Whereabouts by Alistair Reid
  • Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
  • Poems of the Late Tang by Angus Graham
  • The Art of Procrastination by John Perry
  • Kluge by Gary Marcus
  • The Rorty Reader by Rorty
  • Stranger Music by Leonard Cohen
  • The Meaning of Recognition by Clive James
  • Flat Earth News by Nick Davies
  • Selected Poems by George Mackay Brown
  • Both Flesh and Not by DFW
  • The Emotional Brain by Joseph leDoux
  • The Campus Trilogy by David Lodge
  • Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs

Worst book: Sniper, Pavel Hak

Films / TV

  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Blue Ruin
  • Stoker
  • The World’s End

  • Black Mirror SE2
  • Hannibal
  • The Americans
  • Dancing on the Edge


  • Another Time, Another Day Various
  • City Forgiveness Wave Pictures
  • Fragments of Memories TPR
  • Fuzz, Psych and Surf Various
  • How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident Future of the Left
  • Loud City Song Julia Holter
  • Modern Vampires of the City Vampire Weekend
  • Pale Green Ghosts, John Grant
  • Plucklings Howe Gelb
  • The Invisible Way Low
  • Theory of Justice: the Musical Eylon Aslan-Levy


  • I’ll Have a Theory,
  • Candy,
  • Fabulous Muscles,
  • Raglan Road