How can I get more cultured / interested in things? I constantly feel I am missing out on conversations as I just don’t have any drive towards joining in. Everything looks meh.

  1. Get in a competition with someone about who knows more things. I had this from birth.

  2. Pretend to be a polymath, then frantically try to make this true while no one’s looking.

  3. “To make something interesting, merely look at it a long time”. Actually attend to it.

  4. Get ADHD. More practically, get ADHD friends.

  5. Have a blog, then a virtuous cycle begins where you are looking for things to write about, then getting really into some of them during the writing, which leads you to more unwritten corners of the thing. And afterward the mask of being someone interested in it eats into the face

  6. As for conversation, you can make it a game to lead whoever you’re sitting next to to become interesting. Prompt engineering.

  7. Significance and meaning are subjective, and so a sufficiently powerful mind can see echoes of deep concepts everywhere. (“I have often learned a philosophical lesson from a silly American film” - LW.)

  8. Similarly, there’s a positive feedback loop from increasing erudition – where you start to see the intertextual echoes of other things in other things.

  9. It may help to disdain boredom in a moral sense. “Only boring people get bored”.


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